Welcome to my web site listing of merchandise. I sell new and pre-owned plastic model kits, supplies and related items at a much reduced price than the average local hobby shop. All kits are inspected, shrink wrapped, priced and stored in my shop/warehouse and are currently on display to whoever wishes to stop by and check out the merchandise first hand. Kits are also transported to various annual events and model contests throughout the southeastern part of the United States. The products shown on this list change constantly and quantities are very limited. However, new products are added weekly so check back with us for additional savings, for NOTHING is sold at retail pricing and you always save money with a purchase from The Kit Broker. I usually update the web site weekly.


The Kit Broker is actually one of the surviving owners of that venerable old mail order hobby shop, The Kit Bunker, now selling products which are sold on consignment from other kit builders like yourself who wish to thin out their own collections and make a buck or two in the process. If you too, wish to sell off all or part of your collection on consignment, contact me with a thorough list of the items, including the name of the item, kit manufacturer, kit number, scale and, if necessary, your desired asking price for each. I will in turn send you the financial particulars regarding payments to you, commission percentage I charge and schedule for the items(s) to be dropped off or mailed here.


Payment to The Kit Broker is easy. We accept credit cards, personal checks and money orders as well as a pre-arranged Paypal payment to my account. Shipping charges are listed at the bottom of the list of products. You can contact me by calling 904 343-2711 during regular hours only (8am-6pm Eastern, Mon-Sat)  or via email any time:



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